DVV Documents


1.1 Prospectus of program.
1.2 List of departments offering academic programs
2.1 Admission report of students
2.2 Annual report from examination section highlighting pass percentage of students for the year
2.3 Students appeared in the examinations
2.4 Revaluation applications year-wise during the last 5 years
3.1 List of courses for the last five years
3.2 List of full time teachers for last five years
3.3 Sanctioned posts of full time teachers
4.1 Number of eligible applications received for admissions to all the programs
4.2 Letter on reserved category
4.3 Weblink to Geotagged photos
4.4 Stock entry of computers
4.5 Audited statement of total expenditure excluding salary


Criterion 1

1.1.3 Syllabus copy of Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax,etc.
1.2.1 Prospectus and course details
1.2.2 Provide prospectus of program- M.A in Psychology, M.Phil.In Psychology, Ph.D.In Psychology etc.
1.3.2 Brochure/report or circular of Certificate Course in Advanced Digital Marketing etc.
1.3.4 Internship completion certificate of students undertaking field projects or internships,etc.

Criterion 2

2.1.1 Passport/domicile certificate of Lanu Wanboy Aimo etc.
2.1.2 Document relating to Sanction of intake Extract of No. of application received in each program for 2017-18
2.1.3 Copy of letter issued by the state Govt.indicating reserved category
2.2.2 Appointment letter of Priti Rai, Sanjay Kumar, Sushil Kumar Sharma, etc.
2.3.3 Approved mentor list
2.4.1 Sanction letter of Priti Rai, Sanjay Kumar,Sushil Kumar Sharma, etc.
2.4.2 Ph.D certificate of Priti Rai, Sanjay Kumar, etc..
2.4.3 Experience letter of Priti Rai, Sanjay Kumar,etc
2.4.4 e-copies of award letters of Amit Kumar,etc.
         .e-copies of award letters (Additional)
2.4.5 Domicile certificate or previous degree/Matriculation/HSC certificate of Sushil Kumar Sharma, etc.
2.5.1 Reports from Controller of Exam (COE) office/ Annual reports mentioning the relevant details
2.5.3 Reports from COE office/ Annual reports mentioning the relevant details for the year 2017-18.
2.6.3 Annual report from examination section highlighting pass percentage of students for the year 2017-18

Criterion 3

3.1.3 E-copies of the award letters of Dr. Bhim Pratap Singh, etc.
3.1.4 E copies of fellowship SouvikGhatak, Surajit De Mondal, etc
3.2.1 E- copies of the grant award letter for Agriculture Production and Marketing Survey under JICA Study on Development and Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Mizoram, etc.
3.2.2 E-copies of the grant award letters for research projects sponsored by government(2014-15) 
          E-copies of the grant award letters for research projects sponsored by government (2016-17)

3.2.3 Copy of the letter indicating sanction of research project funded by govt./non-govt agency including details of name of teacher and amount
3.3.3 e-copies of award letters
3.3.4 E-copy of sanction order of the University for the Start Ups on campus
3.4.1  The approved code of Ethics
3.4.2 e- copies of the letters of incentives granted to the awardees
3.4.4 Ph D certificate of Mr. Lalfakzuala,etc
3.4.5 Web-link provided by institution in the template which redirects to the journal webpage published in UGC notified list
3.4.6 First page of Financial Inclusion in India Through Banking Services‟, Lets Enjoy English-9, etc.
3.5.2 Audited statements of accounts indicating the revenue generated etc
3.6.2 e-copy of award letter received for Blood Donation Camp Through Red Ribbon Club 
3.6.3. Number of extension and outreach Programs conducted in collaboration with Industry etc.
3.6.4 Detailed program report for each extension and outreach program
3.7.1 Copies of collaboration/related documents Documentary evidence
3.7.2 e-copies of linkage related documents
3.7.3 e-copies of MOUs with CSIR-CDRI,etc

Criterion 4:

4.1.3 Weblink for classrooms and seminar halls with ICT facilities
4.1.4 Budget allocation for infrastructure augmentation, excluding salary duly signed by Finance Officer
4.2.3 Subscription/membership letter for ejournals,e-ShodhSindhu,etc.
4.2.5 Link of remote access to e-resources or screenshot for Gateway
4.2.6 Log book entries of students and teachers using library on 20/7/2017 etc
4.3.2 .Stock entry of computers

Criterion 5

5.1.3 Web link to particular Career Counselling, Soft Skill development, Remedial coaching,etc
5.1.4 Report/circular/brochure report of students benefited by Remedial Coaching,etc
5.2.1 Placement certificates of R. Lalremlengi,etc
5.2.3 Pass Certificates of Alan Lalthanzara, Mark V.Vanlalrema, LalsanglianiRalte,etc
5.3.1 Awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities
5.3.3 Report of the Zotech Fiesta organized by School of Engineering & Technology
5.4.3 Report of the meetings/chapter held in Mar 29, 2014 (Sat),etc

Criterion 6

6.3.2 Policy document from institutions providing financial support to teachers
6.3.3 Number of professional development / administrative training programs organized by the University
6.3.4 e-copy of certificate of Refresher Course, Short term Workshop on Applied Statistics,etc

Criterion 7

7.1.1 Report of the event or copy of circular/brochure/report of Open Elective on Women Entrepreneurship, etc
7.1.10 Detailed program report for specific initiatives to address locational advantages and disadvantages
7.1.11 Initiatives taken to engage with and contribute to local community
7.1.16 Professional code of prescribed / suggested by statutory bodies / regulatory authorities for different professions
7.1.17 Refresher Course on Behavioral Science, Short Term Course on Boarder Studies,etc