Career Counseling Cell


Established  in 2011, the Career Counseling Cell functions through a committee consisting of Coordinator and 5 members from various departments. The cell is involved in assisting training and placement activities, providing guidance for higher education and competitive exams, bringing awareness about various career options through counselling and awareness activities. The cell provides employment readiness services that will meet the demands of a highly skilled workforce, thus creating interests and professionalism in students. The cell tries to know varied interests and aspirations of students. It provides academic counseling to find right subject combination, prospective educational line suitable for them and career path. It also provides soft skills development programmes and conducts programmes like coaching class for NET/JRF, Civil services examination, remedial coaching etc.

Coordinator :

Dr. Lalnilawma
Department of Extension Education & Rural Development
Mobile # 9436143465




Two tier level :

(i)    Central Career Counseling Cell

–     1 Coordinator
–     Departmental Faculty Coordinators
(ii)   Departmental Level
–     Departmental Faculty Coordinator
–     2 students from 1st year (subject wise)
–     2 students from 2nd year (subject wise)


The cell has a room for administration with two classrooms which conducts the classes.  There a common room for reading and accessing the internet for the students. Apart from these, the cell provides rooms for group discussions, pre-placement talks and interview rooms. 

Coaching Schemes 

The cell operates three types of coaching under the UGC schemes. They are:-
(i)    Net Coaching for SC/ST/OBC and Minority Community
(ii)  Coaching Class for Bank PO/SSC etc.
(iii)Coaching Class for All India Services/Civil Services etc.
The students can joined the coaching classes by filling up the online form by clicking on the links given above. The following are the list of participants in various coaching schemes conducted by the university during last five years:

Year Name of the scheme Number of students attended/participated  in coaching schemes
 2012-13  Remedial Coaching for SC/ST/OBC and Minority Students 69
 2015-16  Net Coaching for SC/ST/OBC and Minority Community  31
 2016-17  Coaching Class for Bank PO/SSC etc.  146
 2016-17  Coaching Class for All India Services/Civil Services etc.  147
 2016-17  Net Coaching for SC/ST/OBC and Minority Community  115
 2016-17  Remedial Coaching for SC/ST/OBC and Minority Students 79
 2017-18  Remedial Coaching for SC/ST/OBC and Minority Students  150

Soft Skills Development

            The cell conducts Soft Skills Development classes consisting of the following components.  The classes are held in the afternoon after the regular classes.
•      Speaking & Writing Communicative English+ Language Lab           -> 4 hours
•      Etiquette                                                                                                           -> 2 hours
•      Time Management                                                                                         -> 1 hour
•      How to write a CV                                                                                           -> 1 hour
•      How to face a job interview                                                                         -> 1 hour
•      Group Discussion                                                                                            -> 1 hour
•      Interaction with industry personalities                                                  – 2 hours per semester
Total number of students participated in the Soft Skill Development Classes during last 5 years

 Year  2012-13  2013-14  2014-15  2015-16  2016-17  2017-18
 Number of Students Participated  52  53  59  65  89  551